I was never one of those people that had their entire wedding planned prior to getting engaged. I didn't know what a sweetheart table was, or that "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" parties were... a thing. The one thing I was certain about was that I want the wedding to be carnival themed! Theme parks are kind of my happy place, and I converted John, into a Disney World lover like me, so it only made sense that we'd have a wedding that reflected the pure joy of places like that. We wanted to set the fun tone with the engagement shoot.

We actually did the shoot in the White Marsh Mall parking lot, they have an annual carnival--it had a special place in my heart because I worked at the mall for several years in high school. The owner of Jolly Shows, Peter Joseph, was nice enough to let us into the carnival an hour early to do our engagement shoot. Marlayna, our photographer (and my co-worker at UMBC) was so accommodating with going along with our crazy mall parking lot carnival shoot. After days of rain, we're glad the weather held up and we loved the way the photos turned out! Added bonus: being asked if you're a model all afternoon because you're wandering around a carnival in a frilly pink dress and heels.