Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common (and uncommon) questions for our big day!

Is the wedding outdoors?

The wedding is a Spring wedding with an outdoor ceremony, indoor & outdoor cocktail hour, and indoor reception. If we have inclement weather, the ceremony will be moved indoors. While Baltimore's weather can be unpredictable, we anticipate temperatures in the 60s.

What time will the wedding start?

Please arrive by 5:00PM. No one will be seated for the ceremony after 5:15.

Can we take photos at the wedding?

We have not 1, but 2, professional photographers coming to the wedding, so we ask that you refrain from photos until after we conclude the ceremony. We promise they'll be available for you to see soon after the wedding. After the ceremony, please take as many photos as you like & share them with our hashtag #CappsWedding on social media or upload them to our Wedding Album.

What should we wear?

The wedding is a Spring wedding with an outdoor ceremony, indoor & outdoor cocktail hour, and indoor reception. We recommend semi-formal attire and encourage pastel & other spring colors. Of course, traditional Nigerian attire is encouraged. The outdoor portion of the wedding will not be on grass so heels are welcome. Here's an easy wedding attire guide if you need some guidance.

Wedding hashtag?

We're going with #CappsWedding, because you'll never remember to add any numbers, and we don't have a good celebrity couple name.

Will there parking at the wedding?

Yes! There is onsite free parking at the wedding venue.

Is Baltimore safe?

Like in all major cities, you should be aware of your surroundings and not take unnecessary risks. That being said, we love Baltimore and we understand some people may have their reservations. While we feel that most of the city is just fine to drive through, if you'd like to explore on foot, we put together a guide to show you places that have always been a safe, comfortable walk, day or night for us, from the wedding location. Please don't let this discourage you from trying some places outside of the green highlighted area. All of our suggested places are safe places/neighborhoods, but if you're not familiar with the city we'd suggest driving or taking an Uber/taxi to get there.

Where can I see photos from the wedding?

After & during the wedding, you can see photos in our Wedding Album or by following our hashtag on social media at #CappsWedding.

Where are you registered?

Your presence is the only gift we need. As we'll be relocating to Sweden after the wedding, there is very little we need, but if you'd like to purchase us some items, we're registered at Target, Amazon, and HoneyFund.

Who should we write any checks out to?

First of all, thank you in advance for your generosity. If you would like to write us a check it can be made out to John Capps, Christine Osazuwa or both, as we have a shared wedding account. Please no checks as Christine Capps (yet!), because, Christine will not be changing her name until after the honeymoon.

How do I fill out the RSVP card?

You could just RSVP online!

If you'd rather mail it, below is an example. You'll see at the top of the sheet how many seats we've reserved for you. (Your envelope(s) will specify who exactly is invited, "family" means the whole household is invited). Just fill in their names, whether they will be attending or not and their preference for food. Specify below if there are any dietary restrictions. Children 2 & under are not included in the seat count.

You know I'm coming, do I still have to send my RSVP back? If I RSVP online, do I have to send back the card.

Even if we know you're coming, we need you to RSVP either online or through the mail so we know what you want to eat.

If you RSVP online (which we prefer!), you do not have to send back your response card. If you RSVP through the mail & would like to indicate that you'll be attending other events, you should also RSVP online, but it is not necessary.

Who is invited to the other events? Can I bring children?

For Friday & Sunday events at Leinenkugel's, The Aquarium, Breakfast & Six Flags, all are welcome including children of all ages.

Why are you having so many events!?

We have friends & family traveling from all over the world to attend our wedding. While, we'd love to make time to speak to everyone on the day of our wedding, we crunched some numbers and realized that if one of us spent just 3 minutes with every guest, it'd take up more time than what we have alloted for the entire wedding day!

So, we're using the other events as a way for people to catch up (or get to know us), while we have more time!

Also, unfortauntely, because of the venue limits, we couldn't invite everyone we wanted to the wedding, so these additional events are opportunities to spend time with people that won't be able to join us for the wedding--that is why all are welcome!

Finally, we love Baltimore, so we wanted to introduce our friends & family that haven't spent much time in the city to some our favorite places.

I have more questions, who should I contact?

Get in touch with us via email at
For the wedding weekend, the contact information for our Wedding Planner, and select wedding party members will be available.